Find out Is Someone Else Using Your PC

by · August 25, 2012

If you are feeling that someone else is accessing your system without your permission or if you think that your PC has been hacked and your personal files from your PC is being stolen then this Tricks may help you out. If your friend might be trying to accessing your Windows account to get access to your secret documents and information then you can catch him. You may not want to change password regularly if you have the habit of forgetting. Well, in this tutorial I am going to teach you how to log such failed attempts to your account using Event Viewer.
For this we are going to use windows default application …so no need of extra software or anything. Here we will use Windows Event Viewer which is by default not active i.e. it does not keep record of log in attempts to your windows system. But with following simple steps you can easily do it…
To view the details of an event, follow these steps:
Right click on My Computer Icon >> Manage.
In the console tree, expand System Tools>> Event Viewer, in right hand side panel will display different events.
To view detail information, double-click the event that you want to view.

The Event Properties dialog box containing header information and a description of the event is displayed.
Now, if you want to monitor/audit successful or failed log in attempts, then follow simple steps below…
Step 1:
Click on Start >> Control Panel >> Performance and Maintenance (if not then jump to next) >> Administrative Tools and then double-click “Local Security Policy”.

Step 2:
In the left panel, click on “Local Policies”. Then click on “Audit Policy” to display the individual policy settings in the right pane.
and then Double-click Audit Logon Events.
Step 3:
To audit successful each instance of a user logging on to or logging off from a computer select the Success check box.
Or to audit unsuccessful instance, select the Failure check box. To enable auditing of both, select both check boxes. Click OK.

Now you can close the Local security setting window. Now very time Windows will be logging all your successful or failed log-in attempts.
Step 4:
To test if it works or not, create a test account, create password for it. Restart your PC. Try entering wrong password to your account few times. And again enter correct password. Window will load.
Again right-click on My Computer>> Manage. Go to, System tools >> Event viewer >> Security